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Our service goes beyond the standard garbage pick-up and recycling, providing specialized containers and services that utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Everything is handled safely and efficiently to keep your home or business clean!


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The Orangeville cityscape is getting a much-needed facelift with the introduction of City Garbage Service’s dumpster rentals and junk removal services. From residential to commercial, City Garbage Service takes care of garbage removal quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re needing to tidy up your yard or clear out your entire business, City Garbage Service has the right sized dumpster to get the job done.

Brightening Up Orangeville with Garbage Service

City Garbage Service is making a name for itself in Orangeville, providing quality services to the community. With a fleet of trucks, they can haul away just about any type of debris, including construction materials and furniture. They also recycle or donate usable items, helping to protect the environment and ensuring the safety of the community.

Making Cleanup Easier with Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

City Garbage Service’s dumpster rentals and junk removal services are making it easier for Orangeville residents to keep their homes and businesses clean. With a variety of dumpster sizes available, they can accommodate any size job, from a small home project to a large construction site. And, with their fast response times and competitive prices, their services are becoming more and more popular.

City Garbage Service is making a positive impact on the Orangeville community. Their dumpster rentals and junk removal services are making cleanup easier and helping to brighten up the city. With their commitment to quality and competitive prices, they are sure to be a welcome addition to the city.

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