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Our service goes beyond the standard garbage pick-up and recycling, providing specialized containers and services that utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Everything is handled safely and efficiently to keep your home or business clean!


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The city of La Crosse, Virginia has been experiencing a smelly success story with their City Garbage Service. For years, La Crosse residents have enjoyed the convenience and service of their local garbage collection service, but now, they have the opportunity to join the green movement with dedicated dumpster rental and junk removal services. Here’s why La Crosse’s City Garbage Service stands apart from the competition!

A Smelly Success Story: La Crosse’s City Garbage Service

Residents of La Crosse have been relying on the city’s garbage service for years, and it’s no surprise. Their friendly and efficient service has earned them many loyal customers and a reputation for being the best in the city. The company offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly garbage collection service, as well as special services like large-item pick-up and dumpster rental. They also accept a wide range of materials, including appliances, furniture, yard debris, and hazardous materials.

Dumpster Diving for Environmental Bliss

La Crosse’s City Garbage Service has taken their services a step further by offering dumpster rental and junk removal services. These services enable local residents to rent a dumpster for a predetermined amount of time and dispose of their junk and debris in a responsible manner. Not only does this keep the streets and neighborhoods of La Crosse clean and beautiful, but it also helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. It’s an environmental win-win!

La Crosse’s City Garbage Service is an exemplary example of a garbage collection and disposal business that is doing its part to promote environmental stewardship. With their comprehensive services, they are making it easier for residents to do their part in keeping their city clean and green. It’s a smelly success story that everyone in La Crosse can be proud of!

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