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Our service goes beyond the standard garbage pick-up and recycling, providing specialized containers and services that utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Everything is handled safely and efficiently to keep your home or business clean!


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Hornbrook, CA is looking a lot cleaner and fresher these days thanks to City Garbage Service. The local garbage service provides quick and efficient dumpster rental and junk removal services, keeping the city looking its best.

Freshening Up Hornbrook with City Garbage Service

City Garbage Service makes it easy for businesses and residents of Hornbrook to take care of their trash and debris. Locals can rent a dumpster for temporary or long-term use, and have it conveniently delivered to their location. City Garbage Service also provides comprehensive junk removal services to make sure that unsightly waste is taken care of quickly and responsibly.

Smooth Sailing with Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal

City Garbage Service makes it easy to keep Hornbrook free of debris. Their dumpster rental options are fast and affordable, and their junk removal services are convenient and reliable. With City Garbage Service, Hornbrook can rest assured that their city remains clean and safe.

With City Garbage Service on the job, Hornbrook, CA looks better than ever. Their dumpster rental and junk removal services are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, making it easy for businesses and residents to keep the city looking its best.

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