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Our service goes beyond the standard garbage pick-up and recycling, providing specialized containers and services that utilize state-of-the-art equipment. Everything is handled safely and efficiently to keep your home or business clean!


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=== INTRO:
Living in a city can be quite a challenge if one is not properly equipped to manage the ever-growing piles of trash. Fortunately, there are professionals offering their services when it comes to tackling the problem of garbage disposal. In Ellenwood GA, the City Garbage Service provides dumpster rental and junk removal services to help keep the city clean and green.

Letting Go of the Garbage Woes – Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal in Ellenwood GA

Ellenwood residents no longer have to worry about the hassle of disposing of their garbage. The City Garbage Service offers a wide range of dumpsters for rent, ranging in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards. Whether you have a large construction project, need to clean up the yard or just need a dumpster for regular waste disposal, City Garbage Service has a dumpster for you.

Keeping Your City Clean and Green with Professional Services

City Garbage Service also offers junk removal services. Their professional crew will come and remove any unwanted items such as furniture, mattresses, appliances, scrap metal, and more. Their crew is dedicated to providing a hassle-free and efficient service. In addition, they are committed to following the highest environmental standards when disposing of all materials.

=== OUTRO:
City Garbage Service in Ellenwood GA is a great way to keep your city clean and green. With their wide range of dumpster rental and junk removal services, you can be sure that your garbage woes will be a thing of the past. Contact them today and let the professionals handle your garbage disposal needs.

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